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Emerytop 400

Emerytop 400

L&M Construction Chemicals

Use EMERTYTOP 400 in key areas subject to high abrasive wear conditions, impact load abrasion, and continuous wear areas such as resource recovery plants, water transfer station tipping floors, roll off areas, foundries, loading docks and industrial floors. Use it for floors requiring optimum surface density to resist penetration and the deletorious effects of industrial chemicals.

Quick Overview

    EMERTYTOP 400 is the most abrasion, impact, and chemical resistant high strength floor topping available. The product is designed for and used on waste transfer station tipping floors and other industrial floors to protect from high abrasive wear conditions. The EMERTYTOP 400 floor may be returned to extreme wear service within 48 hours of placement at 70ºF.

    The improved engineering properties of EMERTYTOP400 are due to two major chemical engineering breakthroughs:

    1. Development of a unique blend of aggregates which combine superior toughness for greater abrasion and wear resistance and ductility for superior impact tolerance for long floor life.

    2. A mixture of varied cements that produce a rapid, high, early strength concrete that is chemically resistant to organic acids and other aggressive contaminants with a good slump and ample set time for easy placement and finishing.

    EMERYTOP 400 outperforms 6,000 psi concrete, mineral aggregate, and iron toppings. EMERTYTOP 400 resists moisture deterioration and is harder and more abrasion resistant than other aggregate toppings. It's unique formulation provides a substantial savings in material cost when compared to iron toppings. In addition to superior performance, EMERTYTOP 400 flowable formulation can be placed and finished like concrete. These superior physical properties make EMERTYTOP 400 an excellent choice for heavy duty industrial service Class 6 and 7 floors, as described by ACI in it's Manual of Concrete standard,ACI 302.1R.

    Features and Benefits:
  • Fast strength gain allows a return to service in 48 hours
  • Some 12 times longer floor life than 6,000 psi concrete
  • Improved impact resistance due to lower modulous of elasticity
  • High density for greater protection from contaminant attack
  • Protects from single point impact
  • Protects from chemical attack of organic acids and other contaminants
  • Use in any environment
  • High slump and flowable consistency for easy placement and finishing
  • Significant cost savings over iron toppings
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Manufacturer: L&M Construction Chemicals
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